China Shotcrete special used in the tunnel and bridge.

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China Shotcrete special used in the tunnel and bridge.  
This product is made of aluminum oxide clinker, reinforcing agent and viscosifier. Its characteristics are less construction dust, low rebound rate and low strength loss in the later period. It can effectively improve the impermeability and impermeability of sprayed.
Gray Powder / Light Yellow Liquid
Other Name:
Flash Setting Admixture
Polycarboxylate Based
< 5%
PH Value
Ready Mix Concrete, Construction Material
Packing Details
As power: 25kg/bag
As Liquid:
A.1000kg IBC tank, 18-20 drums /20'FCL, Total 20mt/20'FCL. B. Flexitank can load 20mt. C. 200kg/plastic drum, 78-80drums/20'FCL,Total 20mt/20'FCL.
Concrete Mechanical Properties
Setting Time (min)
Initial Setting Time
≤ 3
Final Setting Time
≤ 10
1 Day Compressive Strength (MPa)
> 8
28 Days Compressive Strength Rate (%)
> 80
Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement
No Steel Corrosion
 Usage and Notes
1. Under the total weight of cement, liquid dosage is 2-4.5%, and powder dosage is 4-8%. The optimum dosage should be determined by test before use. The dosage should be adjusted according to the temperature during construction. For example, appropriately increase the dosage when temperature is low, reduce the dosage when temperature is high.  2. Strictly control the water-cement ratio, the appropriate eructation should has no flow, no dry spots, and uniform color.  3. The mixture stand-by time should be controlled when the concrete is sprayed.  4. Pay attention to wet maintenance, to prevent dry crack after molding.  5. Refers to relevant provisions of construction of the national standard "concrete admixtures application technical specifications".

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